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MCDB 50 – Own notes on Lecture (Thurs, April-2-2009) Developmental stages and potency of stem cells: Fertilization  before BLastocyst = totipotent cells Blastocyst formation = pluripotent (inner cell mass is pluripotent)   Embryonic Stem Cell o Q: Is Trophoblast (outer cells surrounding ICM) pluripotent too, or just ICM that’s pluripotent? Fetus = multipotent (fibroblast, adipose cells)  Types of Pluripotent Cells/Ways to get Pluripotent cells: Embryonic Stem Cells   (ESC) : Take ICM from blastocyst   grow in petri dish   pluripotent cells  (hard to maintain pluripotent cells in vitro) Embryonic Germ Cells   (EGS) : Germ cells taken from developing fetus (at 6 wks, fetus starts  developing primary sexual characteristics)  petri dish  acquire embryonic stem cell-like  characteristics  o Germs cells that have been induced to b/cm like ESC’s are called 
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Unformatted text preview: embryonic germ cells o EGS isolated from fetus @ 5-9 weeks Ethical Issues! • Embryonal Carcinoma Cell ( EC ) = a type of cancer caused by primordial germ cells that have b/cm cancerous o Primordial Germ Cell = PGC = migrate to gonadal ridge & grows into germ cells (sperm/egg) o EGC , ESC and PGC’s are all pluripotent Types of Embryonal Carcinoma Cells (ECC) • 1960/70’s found teratocarcinomas in mice testes had tissues from all 3 germ layers suggest primordial germ cells are pluripotent • Abnormal Chromosome # !!!! Ways of Create ECC’s o Take primordial germ cells from developing fetus inject/transplant into testes of adult mice Q) Can we make teratocarcinomas by injecting PGC’s into skin/other body part of mice? o Take embryonic cells inject into skin of adult mice...
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OwnNts_Lect-Thur_apr-2-09 - embryonic germ cells o EGS...

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