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OwnNts-Stem cell now.ch 1-3

OwnNts-Stem cell now.ch 1-3 - Chp1 o o...

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MCDB 50- Ethics of Stem Cells Own notes- Stem Cell Now book  Chp 1 James Thomson made 1 st  hSC in vitro  o Nov 6, 1998 ppr published  o Significance Human embryonic stem cells grew in culture/in vitro Cells divided normally – did not divide incompletely or have extra/missing chromosomes Cells remained consistent/ had same identity after many generations – did not  mutate into other cell types Differentiate into diff germ layers  Thomson’s advisor, Davor Solter, worked w/ mouse embryos Developed culture to grow mouse embryonic cells successfully This “soup” of cell cultures did not work for human ESC So Thomson devised a soup/cell culture media to grow primate ESC (ppr published in 1995,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science ), then human ESC Early prob’s with IVF:  Egg too young to grow in mother’s uterus/ egg transferred too early Culture medium not match in vivo uterus environment When Thomson developed hESC’s in vitro, cell culture improved Politics Late 1970’s: began debate over whether  spare embryos from IVF could be used 4 research After Thomson published his ppr in 1999, NIH wanted to legalize stem cell rsrch 2000: President Clinton approved stem cell rsrch under regulations created by the NIH Regulations include: informed consent from donor that their eggs are going to rsrch
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People confused animal cloning (Dolly, later 1990’s in England) with hESC research Pres. Bush opposed stem cell rsrch Later, Bush approved stem cell rsrch as long as preexisting stem cell lines were used (not NEW ones obtained from donor) and the federal gov did not fund research House of Reps banned human cloning (YEAR??), made therapeutic cloning illegal Therapeutic cloning=
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