Bioenegetics, glycolysis, gluconeog_postMid 2 nts

Bioenegetics, glycolysis, gluconeog_postMid 2 nts - Biochem...

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Biochem notes 1. Bioenergetics: Cox textbook: pg 508-510 2. Energy Currency: 501-512 3. Overview of Metab: 569-577 4. Glycolysis: 527-33, 533-46, 583-88 5. Gluconeogenesis/anaerobic v. aerobic: 546-53 6. Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex: 615-20 1.Bioenergetics –tail Activation of Fatty Acid = transfer pyrophosphate (2 phosphoryl groups) from ATP thiol group of coenzyme A knocks off adenylyl grup, froming a thioester w/ fatty acid inorganic pyrophosphatase = enzyme that hydrolyzes PPi (pyrophosphate) into 2 Pi (free phosphates), releasing -19kJ/mol. Activation of AA’s = transfer RNA does the job of coenzyme A cleave btwn alpha phosphoryl grp and ribosome unit donate adenylyl grp. Making a polymer requires energy for 1) condensation of bonds 2) making ordered sequences (proteins, DNA, RNA) How DNA/RNA is made using phosphoryl transfers (p. 510) “Ping-pong” mechanism, or double displacement: Nucleoside diphosphate kinase binds to ATP transfers 1 phosphoryl grp (P) to enzyme’s HISTIDINE transfers (P) to any NDP/dNDP Nucleoside diphosphate kinase not base specific, can bind any NDP/dNDP (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine) and can make any NTP or dNTP Reversible rxn, but cell keeps [ATP] high, [ADP] low in order to drive rxn to right RxN: ATP + (d)NDP ----------> ADP + (d)NTP (dG cell = 0) Phosphocreatine = emergency (P) reservoir = QUICK synthesis of ATP when ATP levels low, create ATP much faster Creatine Kinase = catalyze the rxn: ADP + PCr -------> ATP + Cr (dG cell = -12.5 kJ/mol) Phosphagens = molecules similar to phosphocreatine that act as (P) reservoirs Long polymers of inorganic phosphate can serve as (P) reservoirs too
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Bioenegetics, glycolysis, gluconeog_postMid 2 nts - Biochem...

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