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CARBS - Wk 3 LECTURE  Yilan Shi     Naming Carbohydrates  KEY:   OH  up in cyclic form =  left in acyclic form         OH  down in cyclic form=  right in acyclic     1. How to "spot" if the a cyclic sugar is glucose, galactose, or mannose      a) Cyclic  D-Glucose :C2= OH  down                   equatorial                                  C3 = OH  up                       axial                                  C4=  OH  down                   equatorial                                                                         C 5= CH2OH on top/equatorial, H down          b)Cyclic  D-Galactose:   C2= OH  down               equatorial                                      C3 = OH  up                        axial                                      C4 = OH  up                        axial                                                                           C 5= CH2OH on top/equatorial, H down             c) Cyclic 
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