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1 History 4 Final Study guide Yilan Shi, Final on Tues, March 17, 2009 3-6pm 1. Time Judaism: a. God helped Israelites out of Egypt a. “The Lord stiffened the heart of the Pharoahs” so that the Egyptians kept pursuing the Israelites after they began X’ing Red Sea They didn’t escape b/c of Moses’s leadership/luck succeeded b/c God was on their side God favors them above Egyptians/other peps. b. Moses made covenant w/God -13 th c c. Destruction of 1 st temple of Jerusalem by Babylonians & “Exile” – 586 BCE – deported young/healthy Jews as slaves to Babylon/modern Iraq – 539 BCE returned to Jerusalem God punished Jews because they did not uphold covenant strictly enough/displeased god Ezra (priest) enforced stricter observance of Torah forced men to divorce Gentile wives believed that if we “purify the blood” of this community, we’ll keep our religious purity better and please God d. nd Temple by Romans (70CE) a. Solidified even more the desire to look forward to “coming of the Messiah” e. King David’s reign and role as a Messiah turned Jewish tribes into 1 st Jewish state! a. Empowered Jewish people bring justice & peace b. Return Jewish people to God’s favor f. Judgment Day there’s an end to time, where every1 will either be rewarded or punished Summary: History is Linear; God plays a central role in shaping human history Christianity: Jesus died for people’s sins resurrected Jesus as a historical figure is VERY important b/c Christianity is a person-based religion So the historical event of Jesus’s life is imprtnt
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2 He is seen as the Messiah and Prophet who promised to bring a metaphorical kingdom of Heaven to earth in this life Summary : Historical events are imp in Christianity b/c it’s based around the life, teachings & death of Jesus/a real person. Jesus also claimed himself to be the Messiah from Judaic traditions, and this Messiah idea ties in with how history is linear b/c Jews look forward to a Messiah “saving” them. ????? Islam: a. Has many discontinuities with Judaism and Christianity, but these similarities and differences just go on to show that history is very imp in how this religion sees itself and how it interprets the world b. Moses, David, Solomon = perfect prophets – Jewish bible (Old Testament) not reliable when it writes of their sins and wrongdoings c. Abraham’s favored son was Ishmael, the ancestor of modern Arabs d. Mohammad was the last prophet like Christianity and Islam, this religion places great emphasis on particular people not as figure-centric as Christianity, but still imp a. Shi-its believe authority should be given to blood descendents of Muhammad b. Sunnis believe blood –ties not imp e. View Jesus differently: a. Jesus not son of god , although important prophet and reformer b. Jesus not crucified nor resurrected! Summary:
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Hist 4 FINAL STUDY guide - 1 History 4 Final Study guide...

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