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Buddhism notes_Jan22_09 - His 4 BUDDHISM Jan-22-2009...

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Unformatted text preview: His 4--- BUDDHISM --- Jan-22-2009, Tuesday Study Guide Ques (Many people) Life and pertinent teachings Major schools of Buddhism; how they spread Importance of practice and meditation **Why is Buddhism a psychological religion, not just a philosophy (teacher’s ques) Women’s roles in each school of Buddhism Main teaching: Each person can free soul from suffering by removing Desire and Self/Ego through finding Middle Way Summary of Buddhist Styles: a. Tantric Buddhism = “cult” - nothing is evil = do anything to be free = not avoid sex = master it & use it =roots in Hindu Tantriusm & Mind Only Buddhism. = Lots of ART, PRAYER OBJECTS b. Mahayana: i. Zen – China & Japan ii. Pure Land – China, Korea, Vietnam preminant – originate in India – jump to Nirvana suddenly Scriptures have 2 Canons/Schools: (Many People bk classifyTibetan Buddhism as subsection under Mahayana) 2. Theravada – S. Asian – divided into “3 baskets” – Laos, Cambodian, Sri Lanka, Thailand a. Vinaya Pitaka - rules for Monks b. Sutta Pitaka – Sayings from Buddha, wise words, stories of Buddha’s lives (multiple) + famous human Buddhists + ethics + doctrines i. Religion’s tradition, and reveal who Buddha is- his beliefs & personality (?) c. Abhidahamma – philosophical teachings – advanced scripture i. Variations btwn Pali (S. Asian Theravada Buddhism) & Sanskrit (INDIAN) in Abhidahamma 1. Pali verson stick to original words of Buddha – conservative 2. Sanskrit – emphasize ideas of Buddha, not his exact words 3. Diff titles for 7 books 4. Chinese & Tibetan translations diff too ii. Similarities btwn Pali & Sanskrit 1. 7 books – same # of books 3. Mahayana Chinese & Japanese, Vietnam, some Indians, Tibet no “3 basket” WHAT IS PALI CANON?!?!??! a. Diverse, many new texts. Sutras – Sanskrit scriptures- also accepted b. Includes Pali canon’s imp books c. Texts in Common with Theravadin canon/collection: i. Vinaya (monastic discipline) & Abhidhamma (harder philosophical teachings) ii. Jatakas – “Lives” --????? iii. Death of the Buddha d. Some Mahayana are accepted by Theravada Buddhists & even used as informal scripture in Pali canon. e. New books also claim to be true words of Buddha i. Prajna-Paramita – perfection of knowledge - philosophy – deny existence & nonex. ii. Description of Happy Land – Japanese Pure Land sect emphasize it - Buddha invites followers to live w/ him 4ever!...
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Buddhism notes_Jan22_09 - His 4 BUDDHISM Jan-22-2009...

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