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Christianity_wk 7_Van Voorst - Van Voorst- Scriptures...

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Unformatted text preview: Van Voorst- Scriptures primary source Ch 11: Christianity CONTINUITIES AND DISCONT W/ JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY?!?! * Jews and Christians believe in same god? Q) DIFF BTWN DISCIPLES AND APOSTLE?!?! Overview of Scripture: Gospels are stories of Jesus Synoptic view- 1 st 3 gospels agree in view of Jesus o Gospel of Matthew: Jesus the Savior & Messiah of Israel , from conception by Holy Spirit resurrectn o Mark : Jesus from baptism resurrection o Luke : savior of Gentiles (WHO ARE GENTILES!>??) 2ndary theme of Gods sympathy for outcasts + women Gospel of John- see Jesus as Son of God, divine, eternalnot mortal Apostle Letters : history of early Christian churches and its development/spread in 1 st 35 yrs. o Luke, Acts, John in btwn in canonical order??? o Apostle collection of letters by Paul + coworkers Romans: Pauls understanding of Christian teaching to a church I Corinthians- doctrine, morality, worship II Corinthians- Paul urges this Gentile Christian church from reverting bk to Judaism More o Catholic/General Letters (Epistles) deals with encouraging people not to return to Judaism, christian moral behavior (golden rule?) esp. to persecuted people, discourage false teachings (Johns 3 letters)...
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Christianity_wk 7_Van Voorst - Van Voorst- Scriptures...

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