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Jainism notes_Jan22_09

Jainism notes_Jan22_09 - Accept Purvas(Foundations lost...

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History 4-- Jainism--- Jan/22/2009 Main points: No hurt living things, even bugs Self-denial , like ascesticism Monks are leaders, in control of scripture development, use, interpretation due to value of ascetism, monks = powerful. Small group big impact Mahatma Gandhi used Jainism idea of nonviolence. 2 branches of Jainism o Shvetambaras white-clad MONKS women can reach Nirvana withOUT being reborn as man have a group of NUNS o Digambaras “sky-clad MONKS” women cannot reach Nirvana So stuck in this world 4ever? Scripture called Agama Shvetambaras & Digambaras have different canons, share only a few o Shvetambara’s canon has 6 sections 1. Angas = “Limbs”? = Oldest = main teachings + laws for monks + Story of Mahavira 2. Upangas - subcategory of Angas 3. Prakirnakas - mixed texts 4. Chedasutras - discipline & authority 5. Culikasutras - Appendices 6. Mulasutras - basic texts o Digambaras’ canon:
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Unformatted text preview: Accept Purvas (Foundations), lost ancient texts. Conflicts btwn 2 sects arise from loss of these texts Q) Did the event of losing this texts or the differences of belief from this text cause division of 2 branches? 1. Prakaranas = main teaching 2. Mulacara – conduct 3. Samayasara – doctrine 4. Pravancanasara – teaching? 5. Aradhana – accomplishment 6. Commentary on scriptures, l ike Anuyoga, treated like scriptures • Use and acceptance of which scripture is more imp. Varies among sects RELATE to 6 WAYS OF BEING RELIGIOUS • INTELLECTUAL I. o Knowledge of sacred texts for a monk is considered highest achievement, and makes a person 1 step closer to release of soul. o High literacy rates many commoners can read scriptures at home believers emphasize using scripture to derive wisdom. o Scripture used for festivals too– noncognitive....
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Jainism notes_Jan22_09 - Accept Purvas(Foundations lost...

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