Judaism Own NTS

Judaism Own NTS - Judaism my own notes • Jewish bible =...

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Unformatted text preview: Judaism my own notes • Jewish bible = Torah • Babylonian Exile= “flowering of literary activity” (587-539 BCE) • 1 st c. BCE- canonization of entire Jewish bible- Law (Torah), Prophets, Writiings o Criteria for canonization = God revealed and spoke to people in these bks o Canonization did not mean a book is considered a scripture-use and recognition scripturized a bk • The Call of Abraham: God told Abraham to journey to Canaan. There he and his people will be blessed by God & have a land given to them. Covenant w/God. Canaanites already living there. (Exodus) o Abraham lived in Haran (modern-day Iraq) before going to Canaan (modern Palestine) • (Exodus) “Lord stiffened the heart of the Pharoahs” so that the Egyptians kept pursuing the Israelites after they began X’ing Red Sea Significance: 1) God has role in human history 2) God will protect/favors the Israelites 3) Egyptians’ casualties due to God’s work, not humans. o Israelites lost faith in God temporarily when they saw Egyptians gaining up on them But Moses told people not to doubt God -- march forward so that God will show his power/favor towards you guys. • (Exodus)- God renews Covenant ~ 3 mo. after Israelites leave Egypt. o “Indeed, all the earth is Mine, but you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Underscores idea that Israelites see themselves as special- God love/own whole world, but they are “model holy nation.” • (Psalm) “A Psalm for David” – David seen as a Messiah who enpowered Jewish nation. Now Israelites call themselves Jews o Under David, Jews b/cm nation o Belief that after David’s death, other Messiahs will return and rule--- literal and symbolic interpretations today o Imp idea= keep covenant with God o Arc of Covenant kept in Jaar Until David brought it to Jerusalem. •...
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Judaism Own NTS - Judaism my own notes • Jewish bible =...

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