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homework2-2010 - 3 Check the adequacy of the design if a...

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University of Michigan Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE – 615: Reinforced Concrete Members Winter 2010 Homework 2 Due: Tuesday February 23, 2010 For the column section shown below, determine: 1) Nominal P-M diagrams for bending about the x and y axis. For bending about the x axis, you should calculate the following points for each diagram: a. Pure bending b. Pure axial load c. Balanced condition d. One point between pure bending and balanced condition e. One point between pure axial load and balanced condition For bending about the y axis, you only need to calculate the pure bending and balanced points. 2) P-M yield diagram for bending about the x axis.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Check the adequacy of the design if a factored axial load of 350 kips is applied at an eccentricity e x = 5 in. and e y = 8 in. Use both Bresler’s reciprocal load method and the load contour method (using β charts given in class). For determining the nominal P-M diagrams, you are required to use Whitney’s stress block. For the yield diagram, you should model the compression zone using Hognestad’s parabola with a linear descending tail. Use k 3 = 0.85 and Z = 100. Material properties: Concrete: f’ c = 5000 psi; ε co = 0.002; Steel: f y = 60 ksi; E = 29,000 ksi 18” 24” 12 #7 bars #4 ties @ 6in. 21.5” 6” 2.5” x x y y 2.5” 4”...
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