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homework3-2010 - to a constant normal compression stress in...

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University of Michigan Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE – 615: Reinforced Concrete Members Winter 2010 Homework 3 Due: Thursday March 26, 2010 Problem 1 (40%): For the RC member shown in the figure below, calculate the required transverse steel reinforcement near the support using: a) ACI Code; b) AASHTO Code. When performing the shear design per AASHTO Code, check the adequacy of the flexural tension reinforcement at the support. 40 ft 3kip/ ft 5 No. 7 20” 34” d = 31” Section at support Problem 2 (60%): A reinforced concrete panel with the cross-section shown below is subjected
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Unformatted text preview: to a constant normal compression stress in the axial direction of 120 psi. The panel is then subjected to a uniform shear stress v (while holding the axial stress constant). Using the Modified Compression Field Theory, estimate the average shear stress v and average shear strain γ values at first cracking and first yielding of reinforcement. 14” 24” 8 #8 long. Bars #4 at 4 in. hoops Cover to bar centroid = 2.5” (on all sides) Material properties: Concrete: f’ c = 5000 psi; ε co = 0.002; Steel (assume elastic perfectly plastic response): f y = 65 ksi; E = 29,000 ksi...
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