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AECT 480 – Reinforced Concrete Design Spring 2008 Homework # 1 – DUE : 1 week at beginning of Lecture Research the literature (on-line or print) and find an innovative poured-in-place concrete building that interests you. No two people may do the same building. Prepare a 3 – 4 page word-processed narrative, complete with at least 2 referenced photos and/or illustrations, discussing the structural design of the building. In your report, be sure to discuss ALL of the following: 1. 1 – 2 paragraphs stating the following background: a. Owner/occupancy of the building b. Building’s location c. Date of building’s completion
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Unformatted text preview: d. Approximate size of building e. Approximate cost of building f. Architect g. Structural Engineer 2. Body of the report shall contain the following: a. Relationship between architectural design & structure b. Discussion of specific innovations employed in the building’s design. c. Discussion of basic structural system (i.e., massing, layout, types, etc.) d. Detailed discussion of specific structural materials, methods, components, etc. e. Lessons learned by the building team – i.e., problems, shortcomings, etc. f. At least 2 referenced photos and/or illustrations in support of the narrative....
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