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AECT 480 – Reinforced Concrete Design Spring 2009 Homework # 3 – 3D Concrete Building Mass Model – Framing GIVEN : A poured-in-place reinforced concrete office building is to be designed having the following criteria: ( NOTE: Building as shown below is for dimensional information only! Your actual building may take any shape you desire. Be CREATIVE!!) 1 st Floor = at least 8,000 ft 2 2 nd Floor = at least 4,000 ft 2 3 rd Floor = 2,000 ft 2 + 10% 12’-0” floor-to-floor height Floor construction = T-beams Roof construction over 3 rd floor = 2-way slab At least one cantilevered portion of building Elevator shaft – at least 12’-0” x 12’-0” w/ 10’’-0” projection over 3 rd floor roof Column spacing not to exceed 30’-0”
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