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QUT 2010 BEB111Quality task1

QUT 2010 BEB111Quality task1 - Task 1 N6897509 ble Kasapis...

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bble Gum Case Study Task 1 Daniel Kasapis N6897509 3/26/2010
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1. Review the Quality Manual and documents provided. Comment on the level of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. If you identify areas that do not comply with the standard, state your reasons for this conclusion. READABILITY I will first comment on the readability of Sticky Gums quality manual. It has numbered sections, strictly matching each clause of the Standard: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 etc. This of course makes absolutely no sense at all to anyone who doesn’t know the clauses of the Standard. In my opinion the quality manual should be a document that is clearly readable. The strict outline of the manual has also lead the writers to “copy and paste” most of ISO9001 and simply elaborate the points. Almost making the quality manual a generic version, thus of less relevance to Sticky Bubble Gum. COMPLIANCE To be in compliance with ISO9001, Sticky Bubble Gum’s manual must address each clause unless the company finds them irrelevant. Because the quality manual has followed the layout of ISO9001 so closely, it was easy to spot that they had completely missed out many sections of relevance to the company. As the quality manual does NOT have to follow the layout of ISO9001, I chose to review the compliance of the document as a whole, by means of ISO9001 Clause 4.2 - Document requirements. COMPLIANCE REVIEW 4.2.1 General - ISO9001 COMPLIES (The quality manual does include the general components of ISO9001) 4.2.2 Quality manual - ISO9001 No scope defined that includes details and justification of exclusions. Missing description of interaction between processes and quality management systems 4.2.3 Control of documents - ISO9001 Missing a defined procedure that controls documents in accordance to 4.2.3 a-g 4.2.4 Control of records - ISO9001 No clearly defined procedure that aids the effective operation of the quality management system. (They mention the PDCA cycle but haven’t suggested how they would use it or how it would affect Sticky Gum) Records are NOT readily identifiable and retrievable. (Confusing and unorganised to the reader) REASONS Sticky Gum’s quality manual is in a completely unordered and unreadable state. I believe this was caused by a misunderstanding of what ISO9001 requires. In turn, many crucial points of the document requirements are missing.
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