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tut 8 water engineering QUT

tut 8 water engineering QUT - channel is 0.40 m wide The...

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ENB378 Water Engineering Tutorial Problems 8 1. Plot S profiles 2. A sluice gate is built across a 3m wide rectangular channel to produce better hydraulic control. The channel slope and roughness are 0.0028 and 0.03 respectively. If the flow is 10m 3 / s and the depth just upstream of the gate is 2.75m, calculate the flow profile in 100m intervals up to 0.5 Km. X Y 1 A P R V E 1 S E 2 Y 2 0 100 200 3. Water flows down a channel at a rate of 0.053 m 3 /s. What would be the head over a triangular and a rectangular weir at this discharge if the rectangular weir has a crest length of 0.3 m and a the triangular weir has a total angle of 60 0 ?. Ignore the velocity of approach and the effect of side contractions when dealing with the rectangular weir and take C d for both weirs as 0.6. (0.215 m, 0.335 m) 4. An experiment is being conducted in a laboratory channel. Accuracy is important. The
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Unformatted text preview: channel is 0.40 m wide. The discharge down the channel is measured using a rectangular weir that has a crest length of 0.25 m. The crest of the channel is set a t a height of 0.1m above the bottom of the channel. The head over the weir crest, measured at suitable distance upstream is 0.19 m. the coefficient discharge of the weir is 0.62. Ignoring side contractions: a. calculate the discharge ignoring the velocity of approach (0.0379 m 3 /s) b. calculate the discharge taking into account the velocity of approach (0.0395 m 3 /s) c. calculate the percentage of error in the discharge that results from ignoring the velocity of approach (4.1%) Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Steep Slope (S) Y S-S f y c (1-F 2 ) dy/dx 1...
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