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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16 Host Configuration: BOOTP and DHCP Objectives Upon completion you will be able to: • Know the types of information required by a system on boot-up • Know how BOOTP operates • Know how DHCP operates • Understand the differences between BOOTP and DHCP • Understand the DHCP transition state diagram TCP/IP Protocol Suite 1 16.1 BOOTP The Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) is a client/server protocol that The configures a diskless computer or a computer that is booted for the first time. BOOTP provides the IP address, net mask, the address of a default router, and the address of a name server. router, The topics discussed in this section include: Operation Operation Packet Format TCP/IP Protocol Suite 2 Figure 16.1 Client and server on the same network TCP/IP Protocol Suite 3 Figure 16.2 Client and server on two different networks TCP/IP Protocol Suite 4 Figure 16.3 Use of UDP ports TCP/IP Protocol Suite 5 Figure 16.4 BOOTP packet format TCP/IP Protocol Suite 6 Figure 16.5 Option format TCP/IP Protocol Suite 7 Table 16.1 Options for BOOTP Table Options TCP/IP Protocol Suite 8 16.2 DHCP The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides static and The dynamic address allocation that can be manual or automatic. dynamic The topics discussed in this section include: Static Address Allocation Static Dynamic Address Allocation Manual and Automatic Configuration Packet Format Transition States Exchanging Messages TCP/IP Protocol Suite 9 Note: DHCP provides static and dynamic address allocation that can be manual or automatic. TCP/IP Protocol Suite 10 Figure 16.6 DHCP packet TCP/IP Protocol Suite 11 Table 16.2 Options for DHCP Table Options TCP/IP Protocol Suite 12 Figure 16.7 DHCP transition diagram TCP/IP Protocol Suite 13 Figure 16.8 Exchanging messages TCP/IP Protocol Suite 14 ...
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