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10 using a web server tcpipprotocolsuite 18 figure

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Unformatted text preview: b server TCP/IP Protocol Suite 18 Figure 25.11 Using a Web server with a metafile TCP/IP Protocol Suite 19 Figure 25.12 Using a media server TCP/IP Protocol Suite 20 Figure 25.13 Using a media server and RTSP TCP/IP Protocol Suite 21 25.4 STREAMING LIVE AUDIO/VIDEO In streaming live audio/video the stations broadcast through the In Internet. Communication is multicast and live. Live streaming is better suited to the multicast services of IP and the use of protocols such as UDP and RTP. UDP TCP/IP Protocol Suite 22 25.5 REAL-TIME INTERACTIVE AUDIO/VIDEO In real-time interactive audio/video, people communicate visually and In orally with one another in real time. Examples include video conferencing and the Internet phone or voice over IP. The topics discussed in this section include: The Characteristics Characteristics TCP/IP Protocol Suite 23 Figure 25.14 Time relationship TCP/IP Protocol Suite 24 Note: Jitter is introduced in real-time data by the delay between packets. TCP/IP Protocol Suite 25 Figure 25.15 Jitter TCP/IP Protocol Suite 26 Figure 25.16 Timestamp TCP/IP Protocol...
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