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Unformatted text preview: time Transport Protocol (RTP) is the Real-time real-time traffic on the Internet. RTP mechanism; it must be used with UDP. mechanism; protocol designed to handle does not have a delivery The topics discussed in this section include: RTP Packet Format RTP UDP Port TCP/IP Protocol Suite 37 Figure 25.18 RTP TCP/IP Protocol Suite 38 Figure 25.19 RTP packet header format TCP/IP Protocol Suite 39 Table 25.1 Payload types Table Payload TCP/IP Protocol Suite 40 Note: RTP uses a temporary even-numbered UDP port. TCP/IP Protocol Suite 41 25.7 RTCP Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) is a protocol that allows Real-time messages that control the flow and quality of data. RTCP has five types of messages. of The topics discussed in this section include: Sender Report Sender Receiver Report Source Description Message Bye Message Application Specific Message UDP Port 42 TCP/IP Protocol Suite Figure 25.20 RTCP message types TCP/IP Protocol Suite 43 Note: RTCP uses an odd-numbered UDP port number that follows the port number selected for RTP. TCP/IP Protocol Suite 44 25.8 VOICE OVER IP Voice o...
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