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Unformatted text preview: ver IP, or Internet telephony is an application that allows Voice communication between two parties over the packet-switched Internet. Two protocols have been designed to handle this type of communication: SIP and H.323. The topics discussed in this section include: The SIP SIP H.323 TCP/IP Protocol Suite 45 Figure 25.21 SIP messages TCP/IP Protocol Suite 46 Figure 25.22 SIP formats TCP/IP Protocol Suite 47 Figure 25.23 SIP simple session TCP/IP Protocol Suite 48 Figure 25.24 Tracking the callee TCP/IP Protocol Suite 49 Figure 25.25 H.323 architecture TCP/IP Protocol Suite 50 Figure 25.26 H.323 protocols TCP/IP Protocol Suite 51 Figure 25.27 H.323 example TCP/IP Protocol Suite 52...
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