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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 26 Virtual Private Networks and Network Address Translation Network Objectives Upon completion you will be able to: • Understand the difference between an internet and an extranet • Understand private, hybrid, and virtual private networks • Understand how VPN can guarantee privacy • Understand the mechanism of NAT TCP/IP Protocol Suite 1 26.1 PRIVATE NETWORKS A private network is designed to be used only inside an organization. It private allows access to shared resources and, at the same time, provides privacy. privacy. The topics discussed in this section include: Intranet Intranet Extranet Addressing TCP/IP Protocol Suite 2 Table 26.1 Addresses for private networks Table Addresses TCP/IP Protocol Suite 3 26.2 VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS (VPN) Virtual private network (VPN) is a technology for large organizations Virtual that use the global Internet for both intra- and interorganization communication, but require privacy in their intraorganization communication. The topics discussed in this section include: The Achieving Privacy Achieving VPN Technology TCP/IP Protocol Suite 4 Figure 26.1 Private network TCP/IP Protocol Suite 5 Figure 26.2 Hybrid network TCP/IP Protocol Suite 6 Figure 26.3 Virtual private network TCP/IP Protocol Suite 7 Figure 26.4 Tunneling TCP/IP Protocol Suite 8 Figure 26.5 Addressing in a VPN TCP/IP Protocol Suite 9 26.3 NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION (NAT) Network address translation (NAT) allows a site to use a set of private Network addresses for internal communication and a set of global Internet addresses for communication with another site. The site must have only one single connection to the global Internet through a router that runs NAT software. NAT The topics discussed in this section include: Address Translation Address Translation Table NAT and ISP TCP/IP Protocol Suite 10 Figure 26.6 NAT TCP/IP Protocol Suite 11 Figure 26.7 Address translation TCP/IP Protocol Suite 12 Figure 26.8 Translation TCP/IP Protocol Suite 13 Table 26.2 Five-column translation table Table Five-column TCP/IP Protocol Suite 14 Figure 26.9 An ISP and NAT TCP/IP Protocol Suite 15 ...
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