mc3 - 1 Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions (The answers...

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1 Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions (The answers are provided after the last question.) 1. A good qualitative problem statement: a.Defines the independent and dependent variables b.Conveys a sense of emerging design c.Specifies a research hypothesis to be tested d.Specifies the relationship between variables that the researcher expects to find 2. The “tool” function of theory is to: a.Summarize existing knowledge b.Summarize existing hypotheses c.Suggest new relationships and make new predictions d.Suggest new theories 3. The statement of purpose in a research study should: a.Identify the design of the study b.Identify the intent or objective of the study c.Specify the type of people to be used in the study d.Describe the study 4. Why is the statement “What are the effects of extracurricular activities on cognitive development of school age children” not a good statement of a quantitative research question? a.Because there is no connection between extracurricular activities and cognitive development b.Because there are not enough school age children engaged in extracurricular activities to conduct the study c.Because the study would be too difficult to do given all the different extracurricular activities d.Because the statement was not specific enough to provide an understanding of the variables being investigated 5. A qualitative research question: a.Asks a question about some process, or phenomenon to be explored b.Is generally an open-ended question c.both a and b are correct d.None of the above 6. According to the text, which of the following orders is the recommended in the flowchart of the development of a research idea? a.Research topic, research problem, research purpose, research question, hypothesis
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mc3 - 1 Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions (The answers...

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