Barriers to communication---partiii

Barriers to communication---partiii - Barriers to...

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Barriers to communication (Lecture notes) Some factors which can cause problems for communication Differences in perception The way we view the world is largely determined by our past experiences, so people of different ages, nationalities, cultures, education, occupation,status, personality and so on will each have different perceptions and will each perceive situations differently. Differences in perception are often at the root of many of the other barriers to communication. Jumping to conclusions We often see what we expect to see, and therefore hear what we expect to hear, rather than what is actually there. Stereotyping Because we have to learn from our experiences, we run the risk of treating different people as if they were the same: ‘You’ve met one copper/student/ foreigner/car salesman, you’ve met them all!’ we often hear, or words to that effect. Lack of knowledge It is difficult to communicate effectively with someone who has a very different background from yours, or whose knowledge of the particular subject of discussion is considerably less than yours. Of course, it is possible, but it requires skill on the part of the communicator to be aware of the discrepancy between the levels of knowledge and communicate accordingly. Lack of interest One of the greatest barriers to overcome is the receiver’s lack of interest in your message. You should always be alert to this as a possibility, since it is so easy to assume that everyone is as concerned about our interests as we are. Where the lack of interest is obvious and understandable you must work
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Barriers to communication---partiii - Barriers to...

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