The Process of Communication---part i--

The Process of Communication---part i-- - T he Process of...

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Unformatted text preview: T he Process of Communication (Lectu r e Notes) Human communication is fraught with problems and diff icult ies. H ow often do we say or hear statements like ‘I didn’t really mean t hat’ or ‘You still don’t see what I mean’, or ‘You don’t seem to have g rasped the point’? W hatever we try to communicate, something o ften seems to get in the w ay and we are not understood in the way we intended. But even when we are understood we often fail to get people to think or behave in the way we would wish, since when we communicate we really have four main objectives. Z Z Z Z Z SEND E ENCOD I NG / M ES SAGE CREAT I O N CHAN N E DECODI NG RECEI VER Feedback Z: Noise/Interference The objectives of commun ica t ion Whether we are wri t i ng or speaking, tryi ng to persuade, inform, e nter tain, e xplain, convince or educate or any other objective b ehind the par t icu la r communicat ion task we are engaged in, we a lways have four general objectives. T h e o bjec t i v es of c om m u n i c a t i o n To To To To be received (heard or read) be understood be accepted get action (change of behaviour or attitude Unaiza Khudai W hen we fail to achieve any one of these, we have failed to communicate. This can often lead to frustra t ion and resentment e xpressed in phrases like ‘Don’t you understand plain English?’ T h e mea n i n g of wo r ds It is therefore our individuali ty that is the main barrier to effective communi cation. While it is true that we all went through the p rocess of learning our mother tongue and we learned to give r oughly the same meaning to words as those around us, we must n evertheless recognise that the only connection between a word a nd the thing it represents is whatever association a particular g roup of people has chosen to make. Unaiza Khudai ...
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The Process of Communication---part i-- - T he Process of...

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