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Joining Table - the “Technical” field type as...

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Joining Table The Problem You have the responsibility for managing technical training classes within your organization. These classes fall into two general types: highly technical training and end-user training. Software engineers sign up for the latter. Your supervisor measures your effectiveness in part according to the average cost per training hour and type of training. In short, your supervisor expects the best training for the least cost. To meet this need, you have negotiated an exclusive on-site training, contract with Hands On Technology Transfer (HOTT), Inc. ( www.traininghott.com ), a high quality technical training provider. Your negotiated rates are reproduced below in the pricing table. A separate table contains a sample list of courses you routinely make available for your organization. Requirement Using these data, design and populate a table that includes basic training rate. Designate
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Unformatted text preview: the “Technical” field type as “YES/NO” (Boolean) • Using these data, design and populate a course table. Designate the Course ID field as a “Primary Key” and allow your database to automatically generate a value for this field. Designate the “Technical” field type as “YES/NO” (Boolean) • Prepare a query that lists each course name and its cost per day of training. • Prepare a query that list cost per student for each class. Assume maximum Capacity and that you will schedule two half-day classes on the same day to take full advantage of HOTT’s per-day pricing schedule. Deliverables Database - Pricing Table-Course Table Query - Course Name vs. Cost Cost Per Student Name: Student ID: Chapter 5: Case Analysis #1 – Joining Tables Date of Submission: May 6, 2009 Dr. M. Badamas...
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