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ACCT 300 COST ACCOUNTING GROUP RESEARCH PROJECT Instructions for Group Assignment: (Total Points 150) Due 1 st Week in December. Step 1: Decide on your topic. This can be any Cost Accounting related issue that you see in the news or any topic discussed in the textbook. Topics should be approved by me. Examples of topics: Activity Based Costing and Management Job Costing Measuring and Assigning Support Department Costs Step 2: Conduct research on topic and do the write-up. This is a 10-page full research paper discussing the topic selected. You must refer to relevant accounting statements and/or bulletins. You must use at least 4 sources of reference (of which your textbook can be one) and provide citations when necessary. Please review the university’s disciplinary procedures for plagiarism.
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Unformatted text preview: Format: 1.5 Spacing, 12 Font, Times New Roman Introduction of the topic – 1 to 3 paragraphs Subject matter – Majority of paper Conclusion – 1 to 3 paragraphs Step 3: Prepare an oral presentation for the selected topic. There is no specific format for your oral presentation however, creativity is highly encouraged. You must give sufficient information on topic and be able to answer questions from others students and the instructor. Examples of presentation format: Board meeting Mock interview News report Court trial Grading will be based on meeting the following criteria: • Knowledge of subject matter and its presentation • Correct business terminology • Spelling and grammar • Correct format • Creativity (for Oral presentation)...
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