E11 - E11-5 Correct. (Depreciation ComputationsFour...

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Correct. (Depreciation Computations–Four Methods)) Robert Parish Corporation purchased a new machine for its assembly process on August 1, 2007. The cost of this machine was $117,900. The company estimated that the machine would have a salvage value of $12,900 at the end of its service life. Its life is estimated at 5 years and its working hours are estimated at 21,000 hours. Year-end is December 31. Instructions Compute the depreciation expense under the following methods. Each of the following should be considered unrelated. (Round all answers to 0 decimal places.) (a) Straight-line depreciation for 2007. $ 8750 (b) Activity method for 2007, assuming that machine usage was 800 hours. $ 4000 (c) Sum-of-the-years'-digits for 2008. $ 32084 (d) Double-declining balance for 2008. $ 39300 E11-13 Correct. (Depreciation–Replacement, Change in Estimate) Greg Maddox Company constructed a building at a cost of $2,200,000 and occupied it beginning in January 1988. It was estimated at that time that its life would be 40 years, with no salvage
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E11 - E11-5 Correct. (Depreciation ComputationsFour...

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