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Unformatted text preview: Cliff Ng Chun K eung The Sexual Revolution is known as one of the greatest social U ST2011 Reading Assignment I I 2008206894 revolution in the 20th century. Although whether the Sexual Revolution is revolutionary in nature or not is still in debate, the influences brought by i t are still present today. In general, the Sexual Revolution means the spread of the ideas of modern sexuality such as homosexual, free love, and p re-mari tal sex, explicit sex on media, pornography and feminism. Some persons were the main actors in the Sexual Revolution. They played a c ritical role in stimulating the Sexual Revolution. The most obvious effect is the explicit sex on media. For example, in 1962, a journalist who is called Helen Hurley Brown advised ‘nice single girls’ to say yes to sex. And Hugh Hefner published P layboy, a popular pornographic magazine in the US. Such media spread the ideas of modern sexuality. I t enhanced the social t ransformation and led to the Sexual Revolution. Other main actors in the Sexual Revolution were some sexual modernists such as Havelock Ellis, Marie Stopes and Sigmund Freud, especially Sigmund Freud. They advocate ideas about the importance of sex to physical and mental wellbeing. Through the media, their ideas were w idespread. The Sexual L iberalism had begun afterwards. Besides sexual modernists, feminists in Europe also actively participated in the Sexual Revolution. Throughout the fi rst half of the 20th century, the feminist movement was in progress and the change in women’s social status also in fluenced their concept towards sex and mar r iage. Some feminist felt that they might find satisfaction outside mar r iage. I t changes the relation between masculine and feminine. To conclude, the active parties in the Sexual Revolution were mainly the compressed parties in the past. This event marks a beginning of a new social structure and phenomenon. ...
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