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EUST2011 Assignment 3

EUST2011 Assignment 3 - Increasing social visibility means...

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This chapter talks about the stages of the fashion process. According to the passage, the six-stage scheme of Sproles (1985) is borrowed to elaborate and explain the appearance of the fashion cycle. First, invention and introduction are the beginning of a fashion. Invention is the birth of idea and design, mainly depending on events at that time. Introduction means how the idea is expressed by the use of raw materials to design the fashion. Fashion leadership means there are some key parties which adapt the fashion. The key parties are mostly upper-class society and they show the public what the latest fashion is and they are the symbol of fashion.
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Unformatted text preview: Increasing social visibility means the fashion becomes more popular. Thanks to the promotion by media, the fashion attracts public attention. Conformity within and across social groups means the fashion starts to spread through the society or even the globe. Social saturation means the public is fed up of the fashion. The fashion is not the latest one. Decline and obsolescence means the fashion is outdated. It is not popular among the public anymore. To conclude, there are different stages of fashion and it reflects and explains the rise and decline of the fashion. Cliff Ng Chun Keung 2008206894 EUST2011 Reading Assignment 3...
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