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EUST2011 Assignment 5

EUST2011 Assignment 5 - originated in different places The...

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EUST2011 Reading Assignment 5 Cliff Ng Chun Keung 2008206894 The origins of European food were not fixed and its tradition has also changed from time to time. The origins of European food were not fixed because there were different styles of European food. If we talk about the first one, it would be “barbaric”. And then it was replaced by the Roman Empire. Afterwards, there was Mediterranean diet. It means that this style was originated from the Mediterranean. In the Middle Ages, the Provençal cuisine was found in Provence. Therefore, in the different period of time, there were different styles of European food and they were
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Unformatted text preview: originated in different places. The traditions of European food also varied from time to time. For example, when the barbaric was replaced by the Roman gastronomy, the culture of oil, bread and wine was mixed with the culture of meat, beer and animal fats. But soon due to the influence of Islamic food culture and the import of food around the world, the European food style has been changing a lot and it is still going on in the present. To conclude, both the origins and traditions were changed according to the historical development. (200 words)...
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