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The wine culture is one of the most important cultures in Europe and it develops to the present form along the long time of history. The first main element of the history of wine culture is the geographical difference. The southern European countries such as France, Italy mainly produced wine and those people drank wine more. On the other hand, the northern European countries such as Germany, England produced beer or cider more. The second main element is the difference of social status. As mentioned by Giovanni, the rich classes in Europe drank wine but the poorer people drank whatever their homeland produced. The third main element is the taste of wine. In the early times such as 16
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Unformatted text preview: th and 17 th centuries, regions like northern Hungary where produced sweet Tokay, Saluzzo in France, Rhineland in Germany produced sweet wines together. The forth main element is the change of the wine culture. In the 18 th century, wine was still only for nobles who drank wine during meals. However in the 19 th century, red wines with great quality started to be sold to the public. To conclude, the wine culture spreads all over the world thanks to the historical development in Europe. (200 words) Cliff Ng Chun Keung 2008206894 EUST2011 Reading Assignment 6...
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