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EUST2011 Reading Assignment 7 Cliff Ng Chun Keung 2008206894 After the WWII, due to the rise of the United States and the westernization of Germany, German popular culture has started to be ‘Americanized’. However, there are still some aspects against it. The media culture in Germany has once become American Style, but soon returned to German local style again. It’s because the television series Dallas gained popularity in Germany or even other countries, but it was criticized and soon some German production companies retained their position in the market. On the other hand, the American popular art culture such as music, movie and drama spread all over the world, including Germany. It’s because these
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Unformatted text preview: kinds of non-literacy culture have a high social accessibility and thus they are easy to spread and be adopted. Also, the social value advocated by the America gained German support, especially the youth. The ideas of America are imaginary self-empowerment and self-fashioning and it leads to the individualization between people. Young Germans who are sick of war prefer such idea and adopted them as their value. To conclude, in Germany, American popular culture can always be found but we can still find some German unique culture. (200 words)...
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