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FINA0301 Assignment 1 Q7

FINA0301 Assignment 1 Q7 - shall be immediately preceding...

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7a) We found the Gold Futures Contract in the website of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. It is based on the London gold standard. The Gold Futures are a kind of investment and hedging tools for investors and under regulation. 7b) The Gold Futures contract months are spot month and the next two calendar months. The last trading day is the third last Hong Kong business day of the contract month. If it is not a London business day, the last trading day
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Unformatted text preview: shall be immediately preceding London business which is also a Hong Kong business day. The final settlement price is the price of the gold per troy ounce in U.S dollars at London Morning Gold Fixing carried out by The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. and published by The London Bullion Market Association on the last trading day. The cash settlement value is the final settlement price multiplied by the contract size. 7c)...
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