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FINA0301 Derivatives Dr. Huiyan Qiu Homework Assignment #1 Due: February 5, Friday, drop in Clive’s box by 6PM 1. Chapter 1: 1.9 2. Chapter 2: 2.4 3. Chapter 2: 2.7 4. Chapter 2: 2.14 5. Chapter 3: 3.9 (using information provided before 3.3) 6. Chapter 3: 3.15 (using information provided before 3.3) 7. Find a future contract or a call option or a put option existing in Hong Kong market. Answer the following questions. a. Where do you find the information of the derivative security? (Best place to look: the website of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited or newspaper.) b. Provide some description of the derivative security. (Make your own choice
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Unformatted text preview: on how much information to provide.) c. Offer market information of the derivative on one of the trading days between January 19 and February 5. The information should include but not limited to the price and volume. Note 1: when submitting a homework assignment, please remember to have your group information on the cover page. Note 2: instruction on problem #7 is detailed enough. No further question on how to tackle the problem will be addressed. Learn to make your own choice. 1...
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