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Midterm Notes - 3100BC Egyptian History Starts....

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Unformatted text preview: 3100BC Egyptian History Starts. Narmer/Menes Pharoah Hyksos 1652-1551 Pasturalists Ahmose I 1557-1542 Hatshepsut 1478-1458 Thutmosis III 1458-1457 Megiddo 1457 Egypt Eight civilizations during 14 th century. Rest were barbarian tribes. Nile river floods same time every year at the same height. All other rivers are unpredictable. Because of this the Egyptians were able to make a civilization along the banks of the Nile River. The river was important since it allowed them to control the entire country. To go north they went with the current, south used sails. First nation Blessed with security for a while from outside attack, since it is in a middle of the desert. The second oldest civilization on earth. Narmer was the first to unified Egypt, first Pharaoh. o Called Menes by the greeks. History divided into three major periods. Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, & New Kingdom. 3100BC-1652 o Old & Middle Kingdom. Characterized by the three Ps. Peace, prosperity & pyramid. During this period, there were no major civil wars, but there were some. The government kept the peace & order. The population was larger than any other state on earth and Egypt was the wealthiest country on earth. All the pyramids were built during the old and middle kingdom. People known as the Hyksos, were a typical barbarian or pastoralist tribe. Pasturalists did not practice agriculture, settled homes, constantly on the move from one place to another. o Everything they need they got from their animals. o They exceled at war since they had to defend their land and animals. o Hyksos came from the northeast came around 1652BC. Had military technology the more advanced Egyptians had never seen. Better bows for example, shot farther and more accurate. Body armor and the most important technology of all, the chariot. They were caught off guard because they had never been attacked before. Hyksos conquered most of Egypt. For a while Hyksos ruled over Egypt. Defeated by Amos I. o Successful adopted the military technology that the Hyksos had. o 1551 Amos I lead the attack on the Hyksos and Hyksos were kicked out and the New Kingdom started. Egyptians wanted to make sure nothing like the Hyksos would ever happen so a large professional army was made. A chariot core was created. o 3 thousand chariot teams. They believed in order to safeguard the nile river they had to conquer an empire. Buffer zones to make it difficult for enemies to get to the nile river. Hatsephut and Thumostis III. o Hatsephut was the first woman to seize power. o She was the married to the previous pharaoh who died....
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Midterm Notes - 3100BC Egyptian History Starts....

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