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Apple Blossom Anaalytical Procedures Memorandum

Apple Blossom Anaalytical Procedures Memorandum - Dollar...

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Possible Reason Dollar Percent Change Change Account Apple Blossom Cologne Company Analytical Procedures Memorandum 1/12/2004 Analysis of Audit Risk I believe that any account that has a change of at least 100% or a change in dollar amount of at least $100,000 is to be at audit risk and requires attention. Also any account that had a change in common size of 1% or greater. 1. Cash – big City National bank $332,924 64.82% The Sale of Common Stock 2. Cash – Second National Bank $31,050 524.67% Interbank transferring for a possible project 3. Inventory ($154,119) -17.64% Have sold more products this fiscal year compared to last 4. Investment in Securities ($251,485) -53.00% They sold stock of another company for a profit which also explains a larger amount in the Bank 5. Machinery and equipment $465,200 86.01% According to the from the minutes to the board of directors they purchased an aerosol
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packaging machine and a conveyor belt 6. Retained Earnings $257,248 94.43% They made a profit 7. Sales $366,046 9.37% They sold more products this year 8. Cost of Goods Sold $145,703 9.12% sold more products
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