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APPLE BLOSSOM Folwchart Cash Receipts

APPLE BLOSSOM Folwchart Cash Receipts - Remittance Advice...

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Remittance Advice Checks 3 Prelists Cash Collection for A/R A/R Posting Report 1 Prelist Checks 1 prelist 2 Deposit Tickets Checks Remittance Advice Deposit Ticket Deposit Ticket Files Prelist Retains 1 copy of Prelist Cash Receipt Journal Enters remittances in computer Cash Prelist for Checks Files Prelist Cash Receipt Module Deposits the money
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Unformatted text preview: Remittance Advice LAN software Updates Cash Receipt Journal Deposit Ticket Deposit Ticket Deposit Ticket Files Remittance Advice A/R Posting Report APPLE BLOSSOM COLOGNE COMPANY Cash Receipts System: Collections on Account Accounts Mailroom Receivable Clerk Clerk Cashier Controller Treasurer...
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