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Oct%2031%20Assignment - salary for a total of 9,483.80...

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Using the Database called Nov3.mdb write a query (I did it in one query) or a series of queries to produce the following results table. The Comm column is the sum of the commission for each broker and I’m having all the brokers show up in the answer. I only posted a few lines here to show you and they are from the middle of the data not from the top. The Paycheck column is a minimum of $8,000 plus 20% of the commission in the column next to the paycheck. So for B12 they show 8,000 because they have no commission, but B16 shows 20% of 7,419 (1,483.80) plus the 8,000.00 base
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Unformatted text preview: salary for a total of 9,483.80. Don’t worry that the last zero doesn’t print it’s not important but there is a function to make it show up if you want to try and find it. See my query here with proper decimal format Query1 Brid Name Comm Paycheck B16 HOUSE - DEOTERIS $7,419.00 $9,483.80 Good luck and Happy Halloween! Brid Name Comm Paycheck B12 CHRISTIE O'CONNOR 8000 B13 TAMMY HECK 8000 B14 CRAIG HETHERINGTON 8000 B15 JILL MITCHELL 8000 B16 HOUSE - DEOTERIS 7419 9483.8 B17 PETER MULLEN 83550.58 24710.116...
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