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Please create a new Database called Stock_First.mdb Import three tables tblBrokers tblCustomers tblTrades In tblBrokers make the BrokerID Field the primary index field with NO duplicates allowed In the tblCustomers make the CustId Field the primary index field with NO duplicates allowed. In the tblTrades you should have no Index field and no Primary index Once you’ve done this you have a new database with three tables.
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Unformatted text preview: tblBrokers – These are stock brokers. Each has a unique B Number, a Name and an Office they work out of. tblCustomers – these are the Brokers Customers who buy and sell stock. They have a customer number, and name tblTrades – these are the trades the brokers did for the customers for 3 days in 2004. This table has a Trade Date, Number of Shares, Price Per Share, and Customer ID...
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