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1 Municipal (Tax-exempt) Securities and Markets States, municipalities, and counties raise capital that they need by issuing debt securities. Such securities tend to have a special tax status: Interest income is exempt from federal, state and where applicable, city taxes. Interest income on these bonds is, however, is taxable at The state level if the issuer is out-of-state. For residents of the issuing municipality, there is also tax exemption at the local level. Capital gains/losses may still be subject to the normal taxation rules that are applicable. Tax-Exempt Securities Not every “Muni” however qualifies for this tax exemption Private-activity bonds don’t qualify for special tax-exempt status, unless they are defined as qualified private- activity bonds . (e.g. airports or student loans) An issue is a Private-activity bonds if 10% or more of the issues proceeds are used by private entities, and 10% or more of the proceeds are secured by the property used in the private entity’s activity. Types of Municipal Debt General Obligation Bond (GO): Security that is backed by the credit and taxation powers of the issuer. b States, counties, special districts, cities and school districts. State level: Taxes include income taxes, sales taxes, and excise taxes. County and City level: property taxes. The tax base of the issuing entity and its ability in levying taxes are important factors in determining the pricing of GO bonds.
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2 Types of Municipal Debt -- Continued Revenue Bond: Securities issued to fund specific projects or securities that are protected by the pledge of net revenues from specific projects financed.
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Chap8Notes - Municipal(Tax-exempt Securities and Markets...

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