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BIO%20311c-Worksheet4-2006 - Intro Biol Course Guide BIO...

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Intro Biol. Course Guide Sathasivan, 2005 BIO 311c Worksheet 4 1 BIO 311c WORKSHEET 4 K. SATHASIVAN Chapter 6. Metabolism Read each question carefully , select the best answer for multiple-choice questions and circle the right answer. For the rest of the questions, write your answers within the given space. A. Multiple Choice Questions 1. CH 4 + 2 O 2 CO 2 + 2 H 2 O + 160 kCal/mol energy is an example of a. exothermic reaction b. endothermic reaction c. endergonic reaction d. cooling reaction e. anabolic reaction 2. RoundUp herbicide is a competitive inhibitor of the enzyme EPSP- synthase in an amino acid biosynthesis pathway. RoundUp can alter the 3. The change in free energy ( G) is best explained by the following equation. a. G = H + T S b. G = H - T S c. G= H + T - S d. G= T S - H e. G= H - T + S
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