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Cell_structure_Concept_map - BIO 311C Fall 2007 Discussion...

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BIO 311C, Fall 2007: Discussion section activity Mapping the cell’s machinery Objective : To answer the following question: What are the structural and functional components of a eukaryotic cell (both plant and animal)? ” by developing a single concept map. How do I go about this ?! Just think of the answer to the question as a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle has atleast the following parts (i.e., include the following terms and concepts in your map): Animal, Plant, Energy, Sunlight, Chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, Sugar, Protein, Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Rough ER, Plasmodesmata, Mitochondrion, Plasma membrane, Peroxisome, Vacuole, Toxins, Cell wall, Nucleus, DNA, Support, Transport, Manufacture, Movement, Ribosome, RNA, Centriole, Synthesis, Chromatin, Cytoskeleton, Nucleolus, Microfilament, Microtubules, Cellulose, Lipid, Phospholipid. Like any jigsaw puzzle, the picture that emerges should make sense. Follow these rules: 1. Work in group, but make your own map. 2. One blank sheet of paper is all you should need.
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