Aliya English - Aliya Teregul February 2, 2010 ENGL 105,...

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Aliya Teregul February 2, 2010 ENGL 105, Narrative Essay Word Count: 1,245 The morning air was icy and crisp at 7:30 AM. I jetted out of bed and got ready for the day. I threw on some clothes just in time as Sean was arriving to pick me up. Sean was dressed in tight black pants, snazzy shoes, his signature leather jacket, and wild rock and roll hair. His smile was gleaming like a sunrise, the car engine was roaring and we were on our way to a motel to meet Joe Mino, an intellectual, good looking, well built Italian stallion, Phil a well collected, motivated Sicilian Vanilla ice, and Shannon, a quick witted elegant character. The previous evening had left us hung-over and in ill physical form, but we were in high spirits as we entered their shabby 2-bedroom motel room. As usual at cheap run down motels, there were stripped-down ghetto fabulous arrangements of commodities in order. They supplied clean plastic cups for water, which came in a burnt sienna hue from the rusty bathroom faucet. The phone cable had been ripped out of the wall, and since the owners didn’t pay for phone service to the room anyways, Joe Mino’s request for a phone unit and cord were turned down, as were his request for a discount on the room in return for the inadequacies. The bathroom featured a snakeskin floor – which Joe had ripped up the night before in a drunken’ fancy to install in Sean’s car. With 9 AM around the corner we went for a quick and relaxing breakfast at Jack in the Box, which is conveniently across the street from a 24 hour adult entertainment store. The Building is an off white color with tan trim, the windows are boarded up with wood and painted
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This note was uploaded on 04/26/2010 for the course ENG eng121 taught by Professor Celby during the Spring '10 term at James Madison University.

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Aliya English - Aliya Teregul February 2, 2010 ENGL 105,...

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