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English Journal - was all company money that he used All...

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Aliya Teregul February 8, 2010 ENGL 105, Journal Word Count:385 Obeying orders form a person in a position of power isn’t always a smart thing to do. When I worked at a motorcycle company in Redwood City, CA it was a blast at first I loved all the people that worked there and it felt great to go to work with a smile on my face. But good things don’t always last forever. I did some research and   about 10 percent of employees report they feel pressured to compromise their standards in order to do their jobs, and of those 69 percent say the pressure is coming for their immediate supervisor. Blindly following orders and engaging in unethical activities on the job can wreak havoc on your career and possibly hurt other people. I did my best as the Shipping Manager to pack and ship orders out in a timely manner. That became difficult to do when my boss cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with his third child. So my boss bought her a brand new Mercedes, installed a fire pit and pool in their back yard like she always wanted. What was wrong with all this? Well it
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Unformatted text preview: was all company money that he used. All employee paychecks where bouncing left and right, many company’s stopped shipping products to us so in return we could not ship anything out. I had lie to customers and tell them there was an issue getting the products out of customs because a lot of items were shipped from Italy. I also had to lie and say that many items were backordered when they were not. This was very hard to do when the person on the other end of the phone is pissed off, as I would be if I were them. My boss didn’t have the money to give everyone a refund; he barely had money to pay all of us. I eventually quit and so did everyone else that I worked with there. Lying to many people because my boss cheated on his wife was one of the most difficult things and now when I order something online and it doesn’t show up on time and I get an excuse I sometimes do think to myself “Are they telling me the truth?”...
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