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Aliya Teregul February 20, 2010 English 105 Word Count: I think that even the most clever, funniest, and most expensive advertising can't make people buy something they don't want. It can create awareness of a product. But if people know that they don't like or need the product, advertising won't help sell it. In fact, advertising can backfire: You could end up drawing attention to the fact that you carry unwanted goods. If the myth was true that advertising can manipulate people to buy anything,
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Unformatted text preview: then some ad executive somewhere would have the secret to success. If a secret to success exists, then why do 80 percent of new products fail? Why do established products drop from sight? People have needs for products and services, and they choose on how they fulfill their needs. Their decision to buy a product will be based upon their belief that what is offered satisfies their needs. It will also be based upon their readiness and the finances they have available to buy a product....
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