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6.3 - 1 Write out the interpretative question “4 is 5/6...

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6.3 notes: Teaching sequence: Step one: whole number times a fraction 3*1/4=3/4 Step two: Fraction times a whole number 1/4 * 3= ¾ Step three: fraction times a fraction Rule four: a/b*c/d=ac/bd (Factor and cancel out before multiplying) Measurement Division: 12 is how many 3’s? Partitive division: 12 is 3 groups of what size? Example 3.4- important pg 147 How to draw a bar diagram for partitive division.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Write out the interpretative question, “4 is 5/6 of what size? “It is your guide. Construct thedf diagram by reading it backwards. 2. Draw a bar and label it by a question mark. 3. Next shade in 5/6 of the bar. 4. The question says that 5/6 of what size is equal to 4. Label shaded area to show....
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