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Notes 6.5 Division Word Problems: Rule 5: a/b ÷ c/b= a ÷ c Invert and multiply Rule: a / b ÷ c / d= a/b x d/c Partitive division explanation: 6 is ¾ of what numbers? Measurement division explanation: How many units of size ¾’s make 6? Pre-algebra explanation: by the missing factor definition of division, 6 ÷ ¾ is the number x which satisfies ¾ x = 6. We can solve the equation by multiplying both sides by 4/3. Creating word problems: 1) Choose an interpretation. We will use the measurement interpretation and
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Unformatted text preview: ask “109 1/3 is how many 2 2/3’s. 2) Draw a corresponding picture 3) The answer is 109 1/3÷ 2 2/3= 328/3÷8/3=328/3=41 4) Choose a unit. (same unit) 5) Make up a word problem which would produce the model above using cm as the unit: a. A stack of math textbooks is 109 1/3 cm high. If each book is 2 2/3 cm thick, how many textbooks are in the stack? Two step word problems on pg. 158....
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