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Exam Two - E xam Two Tsunami Tsunamis are generated...

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Exam Two: Tsunami: Tsunamis are generated from: -Earthquakes -Landslides -Volcanic eruptions -Asteroid impacts How do tsunami’s form: -Rocks slowly move- compression of margin. -Subduction zone is locked and building up stress -Slip of >10 m creates a massive earthquake -Vertical motion/displacement of sea floor displaces water****** What faults can vertically displace water? Normal, reverse, and thrust fault. Step One: sea floor displaces water Step Two: Waves grow in shallow water Step Three: Waves grow near shore 3 rd or 4 th wave is commonly highest How fast does a tsunami wave move? Velocity=Sq. ROOT of (gh) Deep ocean waves travel faster- higher velocity In deep water the wave height is 20 to 50 cm and typical wave length is 300 km Sumatra Earthquake- the Indian plate sinks under Burma plate causing a huge earthquake which ead to an tsunami.
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Volcanoes: Tectonic settings- -Convergent Margins -Divergent margins -hot spots volcanoes Volcanoes- pacific ring of fire Mantle and magma- Magma - Molten rock, may contain mineral grains and dissolved gas.
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