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physics 202 test 3_2 - 3 The magnetic flux through the...

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Unformatted text preview: 3. The magnetic flux through the loop shown decreases according to the relation (PB = 5.012 + 3.0!, where dig is in milliwebers and t is in seconds. a) what is the magnitude of the emf induced in the loop at t = 3.05? b) What is the direction of the current through R? c) What is the magnitude of the current if R = 150 Q? / d "’ 3 g: *3}: 3.9: bimfia+76§¢ .) . m“ (if b Ceah+a~ c lath/Use (évaOIt +100?) finlg'lo‘vflv fi:’{0l(?>*’-DO? V‘i'R a, ' v .097:ng { 3 4. The spotlight on a boat is 2.5 m above the water, and the light strikes the water at a point that is 8.0 m horizontally displaced from the spotlight. The depth of the water is 4.0 m. a) Determine the distance d, which locates the point where the light strikes the bottom. b) What is the angle of reflection of the light off the water? T index of refraction of air is 1.0 and that for water is 1.33. "*11— _, ”l nt‘éllflg; 7—" ’17; “Sf/9% I— 55.171650): (. 3: s/n/as) ...
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