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physics 202 test 4_1 - %m ‘l‘ NW1,“ 2 Formally...

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Unformatted text preview: %m\\, ‘l‘ NW1,“ 2. Formally. mathema ically def e the binding energy of a nucleus with Z protons and N neutrons. Etc ZEyl/‘Fl' I’M/U W measlatjcg ‘ M ””4: Mai of $03504 +o+atl Raise“! v m a £5 0‘6 0 4 {New r a‘é’ 7 amt/mm + (1,234 #e fr rob/15 matron! H Mafia “9‘1 5 7/” 111 . Problem State any equations you use. Show your substitutions and all your work. Put your answers in the spaces provided. An answer is not complete without units. If the answer is a vector, you must indicate the direction in an appropriate manner. 14 points each. po=4nx 10'7T—m/A; eo=8.8x10"2C2/N-m2; e=1.6x10'19C; 1:11:91 x10‘3'kg;m =1.67x10‘27kg. P l. A glass lens is coated on one side with a thin film of Mng to reduce reflection from the lens surface. The index of refraction for air is 1.00, for glass it is 1.50, and for Mng it is 1.38. What is the least coating thickness that eliminates (destructiveinterference) the reflection of the middle of the visible spectrum: 550 nm. 2. In a double-slit experiment the slits, separated by a distance of 50 pm, are illuminated with a mixture of light of two wavelengths: 480 nm and 690 nm. At what angle does the first bright maximum for each of the wavelengths appear on a screen 5.0 m away from the slits [answers a) and b)]? c) On the screen, how far apart are these two bright maxima? l [ 59‘1“me ”Mirna di‘Sfiw-il it it 9' $er 1 GET”) ...
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