PETE 394 Exp. 4 - University of Louisiana at Lafayette...

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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Department of Petroleum Engineering Experiment Title: Scanning Electron Microscope and Drilling Cores Experiment Number: 4 Course Number: PETE 394 Date Performed: 02-16-09 Date Submitted: 03-02-09 Submitted to: Dr. Chris Okoye Signature:__________________ Arnaud, Seth Team Members: Stephen Spurgeon, Nik Manesh
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Introduction In experiment number four Mr. Randy allowed the class to drill cores samples, we also viewed the infrastructure of the cores through a scanning electron microscope. In this experiment I learned that there are many critical details in a core sample that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Discussion In experiment number four the class was split in half; one half of the class would drill cores while the other half viewed core samples through the scanning electron microscope. First, I drilled cores samples from berea sandstone and shale blocks that were in the drilling laboratory. Each core that was drilled had to be very symmetrical and
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PETE 394 Exp. 4 - University of Louisiana at Lafayette...

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